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Destiny and Tyrek have grown closer over the years.  Now that she's sixteen, she has permission to start dating him.  Tyrek expresses how much he loves Destiny.  Destiny loves him too, but she is determined that love will not get in the way of her goals.  She struggles throughout this book with her emotions.  she is faced with an unexpected proposition, and she has to make a decision.  

Will Destiny make the right decision?  How will that decision change her life?

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TWELVE-YEAR-OLD DESTINY IS A GREAT BASKETBALL PLAYER. She encounters a lot of drama with girls on and off the court.  She is challenged to show good sportsmanship.  At thirteen, Destiny faces her greatest challenge ever.  she has to find a way to overcome her greatest loss.

How will Destiny deal with her haters?  How will she bounce back and continue her dream?

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TWELVE-YEAR-OLD DESTINY HAS A PERFECT LIFE until her dad announces that he and her mother are getting a divorce. Destiny’s life becomes a roller coaster. She repeatedly skips school with her best friend, her grades drop, and she often daydreams about the way things were. Destiny’s mother has had enough and sends her from her home in New York to live with her no-nonsense grandmother in rural North Carolina.


On the train, Destiny meets thirteen-year-old Tyrek, whom she calls occasionally. At her new school, a classmate named Sherry seeks to make Destiny’s life miserable. Destiny gets fed up with the whole situation. Will she ever fit in? Will she make a turnaround? Will her life ever get back to normal?


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